Commercial Loan Modification 101

Many experts in real estate and the economy are predicting that a series of commercial foreclosures will soon be a problem in the same way as the residential housing foreclosures had been.  When the crisis in home mortgages continued to worsen, homeowners tried to look for some kind of relief by cooperating with their lenders and other financial institutions in searching for feasible ways to restructure the loans in an effort to avoid foreclosure.  Analysts expect that owners of commercial properties may soon be in a situation that is akin to that which was experienced by homeowners.  It is therefore predicted that commercial loan modification would soon be much sought after as the crisis in the commercial real estate market goes into full swing.

Just like in the restructuring of loans for houses, owners of apartment buildings, strip malls, shopping centers, office buildings, retail shops and similar properties, may cooperate with the banks in making changes to the terms of the loan.   The lenders, such as banks, may conclude that it is important or even necessary to collaborate with the borrowers in searching for a win-win situation for both parties.  Possible adjustments in commercial loan modifications include a decrease in the interest rate, the extension of the duration of the loan, the deferment of late payments, the reduction in the amount that is due, and permitting fixed period payments for interests.

Naturally, there are certain requirements for the owner of the commercial property to be considered for a commercial loan modification.  The lending company’s auditors will look into the various documents and information for the borrower to pre-qualify this particular business or individual for the loan workout.  If the lender or bank finds the property owner to be qualified, negotiations may start that could possibly end with a successful commercial loan modification.  A third-party can also be hired by the borrower to facilitate the negotiation procedure with the primary goal of avoiding the foreclosure of the commercial buildings.

There are two factors that are essential to make sure that the talks for a commercial loan modification will have positive results.  One of these is getting the input of professionals and experts while the other factor is being proactive.  First of all, being proactive means that the property owner has to have the foresight with regards to possible problems in the future.  If the managers of the company that owns the commercial property have the kind of foresightedness that is required, this will lead to the other factor, which is seeking for the assistance of professionals who are knowledgeable in this particular field.  

Commercial Real Estate Loan Modification experts are knowledgeable in the kinds of information and the documents that banks are looking for when the property owner applies for a loan restructuring.  This can minimize the stress for the property managers, improve the chances of success, and hasten the negotiation process.  The fees charged by loss mitigation professionals who have a good record in loan work negotiations are worthwhile investments, particularly if they succeed in their main goal, which is to prevent the foreclosure or loss or the commercial property. Visit CLR for more information by clicking here.

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Sherry Fields Sherry Fields has been working in real estate since 2002. Working with the development team for the Hilton Garden Inn gave her strategic information on the commercial real estate market in Missoula. Broadening her scope she moved into the residential market and earned the designation SFR in short sales and foreclosures. Currently affiliated with Prudential Montana Real Estate, she works with both buyers and sellers "building relationships so you can buy & sell with confidence". Sherry Fields has recently earned the CREN designation - Certified Real Estate Negotiator. While price is a large part of negotiation - it is also about timing everything from the closing date to inspections, appraisals, home insurance - and it is about negotiating items that can show up in home inspections to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome.

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