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How A Wolf Hybrid Could Lead To The Sale Of Your Home.


Most people that hire me do so because…

They fear not getting highest price for their house. They fear wasting a lot of time with unqualified buyers and Looky Loo’s. They don’t want their house to sit on the market month after month with no reasonable offers. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on needless repairs, but they do want advice on the best way to prepare their home for sale. And they especially don’t want to have unexpected costs. They worry they don’t know the market or if it is changing. With so much social media available, they fear they just don’t have the time or the energy to take on social engagement to get their home sold.

If you can relate to any of that, I want you to know that when I agree to work with you as a client, I am totally 100% committed to your goals and will work diligently to see you achieve them.

But before I answer these concerns, let me tell you a little story how I came to be face to face with a Wolf Hybrid in Montana 2500 miles away from my family in Toronto, and why I never left.

So there I was knee-deep in horsehair plaster. What was I thinking? I had never renovated a home before but here I was in the middle of taking an 85-year-old home and turning it into a modern spacious home. But I was going to do this – call it stubborn if you like, but I call it committed.

As a little girl I had followed my father around handing him the right wrench or the right screwdriver and always watching everything he did. But always one to take on a challenge I decided to do this renovation on my own.

When I take on a challenge, I commit myself to it. So when you are considering listing your home, know that my commitment will be 100%, from the initial process to the closing of the sale of your home.

Of course I wasn’t completely alone my brother was helping me with plumbing and some framing, a friend was helping with electrical and I met this great gal another Cheri and she was helping me with carpentry. All of them were great people.

And yet here I was knee-deep in plaster developing what turned out to be double pneumonia and having to take time off just to rest and take penicillin. So one night I was sitting at my computer playing solitaire (and yes this was back in the dark ages [1994] when computers were meant for word processing and accounting.

My son came in and said: “Mom, I could get you connected to a program that will let you communicate with others all around the world”. This was the son that told me a few years ago we would soon be buying our groceries and home goods etc. using our phone or computer. But this was before the Internet became the Internet. I asked him what he was talking about and he explained to me that he and a bunch of his friends had formed a group and they were in fact connected on the World Wide Web.

He talked me into getting an Ethernet card – what was that? In those days none of this computer stuff was easy, but being my stubborn committed self I finally found a place that sold them, and before I knew it there I was scanning postings by people from around the world looking for pen pals. I ended up connecting with a guy in South Africa another one in Russia and one in Montana. It was really amazing to me how so many of the people on these boards as they were called would say the most outrageous things and expect someone to want to write to them. I can’t remember now the things that they would say but I do remember many nights sitting at my computer after a long day working on the house laughing my head off at these guys.

The guy from Montana turned out to be different. I’m not sure what it was except that I felt a connection to him. I had never been to Montana despite having owned a travel agency and traveling all over the world for several years. So we began exchanging information about who we were, where we lived, what we liked and what we didn’t like.

You see, when I connect with someone, I like to take immediate action and learn more. The value of making true connections could never be understated. That is why I was able to build a high quality list of over 800 cash buyers who know, like and trust me. Which is why I never have to haggle, bargain, brow-beat and spend days on offer, counter offer, counter -counter offer, only to waste a bunch of time and still not get the house sold …

And before long we were writing at least twice a day to each other, we found out we had the same interest in music, our love of racing cars, travel and so much more. In fact in 3 weeks we had exchanged 78 letters, it was all very exciting and exhilarating. Even though I thought I did not want another long term relationship, I was committed to seeing this through. I decided I had to go to Montana and find out if this guy was real or if he was just giving me a load of you know what.

After purchasing a ticket  – I sent him an email to let him know that I was coming to Montana, I think I blew his mind. We had a couple of frantic phone calls after that making the arrangements and then it was all set – he was going to meet me at the airport in Missoula Montana when I arrived. And then the doubts set in, I was feeling excited on the one hand and afraid that I had built him up too much in my mind. Sleep did not come easy for those few nights before I left.

Even though I was adventurous have to admit that I was nervous getting ready to leave in 2 days. Thoughts raced through my mind like what was he really like – was he telling me the truth about himself and most important could I trust him? My daughter was convinced that I was going to this unknown place to meet the axe murderer who was going to keep me chained up in the basement or some such. I wasn’t concerned so much for my safety as I was just in the speed of this connection and who this person might be. But I felt committed to find out just who he really was.

My son drove me to the airport and said: “But Mom what if he’s a geek?” and I said: “Well that’s what a return ticket is for”. He said: But you’ve never even exchanged pictures you don’t know what he looks like”. I said: “you’re right but I guess I’ll find out soon enough”.

I have learned in business to expect the unexpected to be prepared and often that is what makes real estate so interesting. It is committing to the challenge and seeing it through to the conclusion. This tension of the unexpected keeps me on my toes so that my service to my clients is total commitment.

The trip to Montana was arduous it took over 5 different flights with connections to get to Missoula. And as the plane landed each time, I thought to myself – was this a good idea? On the last leg we had been diverted to Kalispell because the airport in Missoula was fogged in. I had to sit in that airport several hours until we were cleared to fly back to Missoula. On that last flight I got bumped up to 1st class and sat beside a gentleman and we began chatting. I told him I was going to meet someone that I had been exchanging emails with for the last 3 weeks.

That’s when he told me the story of the father and son duo that kidnapped a young woman jogger and held her captive for months, and tongue-in-cheek he asked me how well do you know this guy? Now I was really nervous. My heart felt like it would pop right out of my chest and my hands were sweaty. I don’t say that flippantly I really was beginning to ask myself the hard questions – and the “what ifs” flooded. Now, I wasn’t just worried if he would like me, but so much more and for the first time felt scared.

The closer we got to Missoula the more I began to question my sanity, what on earth was I doing? What if he didn’t show up? I didn’t know a thing about Missoula where would I stay? What if he did show up and we really didn’t like each other? I did ask him how he felt about a relationship with an older woman and he said that wouldn’t worry him, age was only a number.

And then there I was landing, no time for all these worries, I grabbed my carry-on and deplaned. Commitment kicked in again. Since we hadn’t exchange pictures he had told me that he had long wavy hair he was 6 foot tall and I had told him that I would be wearing a red suit.

Once off the plane and looking around no one matching his description was there. My heart sank. And I began to think of contingency plans like trying to find a hotel renting a car whatever it was I would need to do in the next hour or so to make sure that I had accommodations. What if this all had just been a lark for him and he had no intention of meeting me?

But then, there he was. He was handsome he was tall he did have long wavy hair and he was smiling. He took me to the baggage area to collect my bags and we walked out to his truck. (I soon learned that all Montana men drove trucks very unlike the men I had met in Toronto). Waiting in his truck were his wolf hybrid dog and his Labrador, he had told me a lot about these two – Zach and Loki and I was little intrepid to meet the Wolf. He said Zach was very protective of him and could be fierce with strangers. But Zach and Loki were very tame and friendly. When David had stowed my bags in the back he turned to me and kissed me. It appears the wolf hybrid had indicated I was okay.

After 2 whirlwind weeks I went home engaged, 6 months later we were married and have been for 24 years.

Now, then, onto how my commitment can help you with your real estate questions.

My clients hire me because of the benefits of my product/service, which includes…

  • Create more interest in your property through Advertising, Videos, Flyers, Digital Marketing, Social Media marketing, Direct Marketing
  • Targeted email marketing to over 800 subscribers
  • Help you prepare your home for market as quickly as possible in the most cost effective way
  • With my experience guiding you through the process negotiating the best sale price & help you get the most money with the least cost to you
  • Help you avoid the pitfalls of unqualified buyers, lookey lou’s and time wasters

These promises to you are easy to deliver, because…

  • I am Real Estate Digital Marketing (REDM) certified enabling me to use all of the digital platforms available on the internet to advertise your home
  • Engaged in taking courses that will expand my expertise, e.g., Negotiation, Market Analysis
  • Associated with the largest Real Estate company in the USA and abroad
  • 15 years in the real estate business
  • Provide professional photographs as well as drones when applicable

By providing a comprehensive market analysis my clients know the value of their home. Combine that with my concentrated marketing they know they can achieve the highest price for their house in the shortest amount of time…

Bottom line…

To see if I can add value to you, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

  1. What is most important to you in the sale of your home?
  2. How soon do you want to sell?
  3. Are you willing to do what it takes to get your home ready for sale to get top dollar?
  4. Are you prepared to vacate the home for every showing?
  5. Are you willing to communicate consistently and be prepared to move on an acceptable offer quickly?

If so, here’s how I help people in your situation…

With 15 years’ experience in residential real estate I am certain I can assist you to sell your home for top dollar in the quickest time possible. I can show you all my bona vides, education, certificates etc., but I am sure you are more interested in my marketing plan. Once I am your agent I will be totally committed to you and the sale of your home. I will help  you understand the current market and what the value of your home is today. I will provide a written valuation

If you’re interested in learning more, my contact information is below. Do get in touch for a friendly chat about how we can help.

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