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The process of listing and selling your home can be complex, with many steps and long timelines to “SOLD”. If you don’t have the right Realtor® to accurately plan and address some of the common challenges at the outset, it can be difficult to achieve your desired results. But with the right Realtor® – reaching your goal – makes it worth the effort.

In this video series you will learn:

  • how to qualify your agent
  • how to prepare your home for listing
  • how to judge your agent’s marketing plan
  • how to qualify buyers
  • what your home is worth in the current market
  • what are the closing costs
  • what will be your net proceeds from the sale
  • and much more …

This E-Book and Video series will show you how to stand out in this competitive space,  as the real estate season heats up and competition is tough.

After fifteen years as a licensed Realtor®, I have experienced almost every type of residential sale possible … and every obstacle along the way. AND I have learned a great deal about meeting the challenges and helping sellers through it all. I’ll examine the competition for you and let you know exactly what other homes are listed for. I’ll also show you what homes were  sold for. Equally it is important to know the number of days the competing homes have been on the market – you don’t want to get stuck with long days on market, no showings and no offers. With a comprehensive plan, you can avoid the pitfalls, and sell your home sooner than later for the best possible price.


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